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Bella Ramsay was urged not to play the video game -

Bella Ramsay was urged not to play the video game –

In a recent interview published by USA Today, beautiful ramziThe actress who plays Ellie in the new TV series the last of usHe revealed that he had never played the video game version, but the producers and directors would have viewed it as positive Encourage to avoid playing with it.

“I was really encouraged not to do that,” the actress explained. “After my first audition, they asked me if I had played The Last of Us and I said no. At that point, they asked me to avoid doing it.”

Bella Ramsey and Elie

Ramsay explained that she watched some gameplay videos on YouTube anyway to at least understand what it was, but continued to follow the advice not to play it in first person or get to know it in depth.

Although this may seem futile, it is clear that the producers, directors, or writers have judged that Eli’s interpretation of Ramsey was persuasive and original, and thus may risk being affected From seeing the original character, which could have changed his performance.

One might think that a careful study of the topic is best, but perhaps the intention is to try to maintain a certain distinction between the video game and the TV version, so I recommend Ramsay stick with the script and play Ellie in her own way. , rather than trying to imitate the character in a video game.

For the rest, we recently watched the first trailer for the HBO TV series and recently released a video about the cast of the cast for this TV adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game series.

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