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Belen Rodriguez, pioggia di critiche per le nuove foto della showgirl su Instagram: “Che squallore”

Belen Rodriguez, rain from criticism of the new photos of the showgirl on Instagram: “What a filth”

new rain Criticism of Belén Rodriguez on Instagram, after posting a series of images you see in the mirror in some selfies with the caption: “heat heat…The showgirl shows her great shape after a month The birth of his little girl, Luna Marie, but the haters are around the corner, and as often happens on his social channels, free abuse happens.

Belen Rodriguez, the new showgirl photo on Instagram

a few minutes ago, Belen Rodriguez The happiest of his fans with a number of The picture in front of the mirror In it she shows herself without a veil, and her body is hidden behind a bathrobe.

heat heat‘,” the showgirl writes on Instagram, commenting on her shots, to emphasize Record heat, which, these days, gnaws Italy with particular intensity.

It’s only been a month since then Birth of second daughter Luna MarieAnd it seems that Beilin quickly returned to her usual form. just think of First bikini photo after giving birth, dating back to the past few weeks, which impressed the hearts of her loyal followers and saw her pass her “fashion test” flawlessly.

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Belen Rodriguez criticized for her exposed selfies: “What a filth

In the plot of appreciation comments for the photos Rodriguez posted, there is no shortage of insults and criticism (The last picture in the camera lens was Luna Marie’s picture).

a few hours ago, Beilin’s response to another series of gratuitous hatred Depicting the authors as “frustrated people”.

And take it off, do it first, what a filth“, writes a follower commenting on the post, and again”The clothes you have two children“,”We don’t abuse real mothers‘, others write against the many compliments for her dazzling figure a month after giving birth.

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The same sad text in a nutshell, but this time without a response from the person concerned.

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