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Befana with Cyclone, then Kelo and Nev come after the weekend.  This will be RAW WINTER

Befana with Cyclone, then Kelo and Nev come after the weekend. This will be RAW WINTER

Winter is in full swing after Befana

Winter is in full swing, and after Epiphany, snow and ice come even in Italy.

Inside the stocking, we risk finding a surprise after a long period of atmospheric stability. The reason should be found on arrival Air currents of arctic origin Directly in our oceans, this would favor the formation of a Mediterranean hurricanes Beginning Friday afternoon and evening on January 5th, thunderstorms are capable of producing heavy rain, as well as strong winds.

Areas currently under heavy rainfall risk as confirmed by recent updates Saturday 6 January (Befana), appear as patches in central-eastern Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, eastern Liguria and all parts of central-southern Italy, especially on the Tyrrhenian side.

Accumulating snowfall of over 40-50 cm is expected in the central-eastern Alps at the end of the event above 1000/1200 m above sea level (decreasing to 500/600 m at night); Even the Apennines return after a long time to see snowfalls from 1500 meters high.

Weekend Befana

In short, after a long period of above-average temperatures and almost total absence of precipitation, Then General Winter would raise his voice.

We are talking about freezing air masses of arctic extraction (between Scandinavia and Russia) with values ​​up to -30°C/-40°C. Cold, clearly, subsiding in our country, must cross the entire old continent, approx 2024 from 8-9 January (So ​​after Befana weekend).
If confirmed, it will be First severe cold wave An unusual winter so far, many cities in the Mid-North will drop below zero, especially at night and early in the morning.

Cold air masses move towards Italy after Befana (in blue); Then a snow storm is possible
Also, the A possible connection between cold from the Arctic and the formation of a cyclone over the Mediterranean This will lead to a very eventful and dynamic period.
Given the distance of time we cannot go into details, but we can say for sure that something awaits us. A decidedly more energetic and cooler phasewith Risk of snow up to plains and coasts A low pressure system should develop over the Mediterranean.

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