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Because we are talking about the “diamond case” and the Bank of Italy


The last episode of Transfer, which was broadcast on December 13 at 21.20 on Ray 3, opened the investigation of “The Inspector” by Emmanuel Bellano and Greta Orsi. Journalists have returned to the state of some councils institutes Banking Services That they will have to, in the face of the economic crisis, start proposing to buy Diamond To its customers, acting as intermediaries for other companies, greatly inflating the value of gems.

A round of several million euros escaped from checkups From the Bank of Italy, whose files were opened in the Prosecutor’s Office, which led to the loss of many savers of thousands of euros.

The case exploded several years ago after reports came in of a Bank of Italy employee reporting, Carlo BertiniResponsible for the supervisory activities of one of the violating banks. who suggested offside Freemasonry and mafia within the central bank.

Why are we talking about the “diamond case” and what does the Bank of Italy have to do with it: the response to the report

Bank of Italy, through a press release, distanced himself from what was stated in the broadcast, describing the investigation as an “incomplete and erroneous reformulation of events.”

First of all, the Central Bank emphasized that informing clients of their ability to carry out diamond trading operations with specialized companies through the bank is not “financial activity. For this reason, it does not fall within the provisions and controls stipulated in the unified banking law regarding transparency and correctness.

However, Bankitalia has made it clear that it always monitors legal and reputational risks related to activities not under its direct control, such as those reported in the report, also in cooperation with other entities, such as CONSOB and theAgcm.

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Consob emphasized in 2013 that the discipline of transparency on investment services Can’t be applied To sell diamonds or other tangible goods, even if this is done through the banking channel.

Agcm has instead accept it In 2017, companies that handled diamond trade via banks, literature Spa e dpi Spa, with the procedures then extended to the respective banks, with heavy fines.

There is talk of 4 million euros each Unicredit, 3.35 million Banco Bpm, 3 million for Banca Intesa and 2 million Mps Bank. On that occasion, the Agcm considered that the methods of providing diamonds were seriously misleading and neglected, and that the responsibilities of the credit institutions with which the sanctioned companies worked were in place.

Why are we talking about the “diamond case”: the actions taken by the Bank of Italy

After this case, the Bank of Italy asked all banks Transfer Any activities undertaken in the field, to check whether the risks have been appropriately controlled. From the responses obtained it was found that most psychics have suspended or boycotted this type of exercise.

The following year, in March 2018, Bankitalia warned all banks to carry out activities related to the purchase and sale of diamonds in the absence of full supervision risks, and reminding them to always respond to clients’ cognitive needs.

Since November 2014 European Central Bank He has taken over from the Bank of Italy in the prudential supervision of large banking intermediaries, such as the banks already approved by Agcm.

In the following years, the National Central Bank cooperated with European authorities and with the police to bring out the illegal behavior of the banks.

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What happened to the informant of the report on the “diamond case”: the two versions

Carlo Bertini, the whistleblower In a report, he would never have received pressure from the Bank of Italy, which would have instead removed him from the position of National Coordinator of Banca Mps’ Joint Supervisory Team for reasons of his conduct.

Due to disciplinary measures against him, as he would have seriously tarnished the reputation of the Bank of Italy and its representatives, in addition to external disclosure of information about his work, he now receives only dependency allowance The equivalent of half the salary due.

A different rebuild than that of Report, which he talked about instead strong pressure towards the Bankitalia employee, who was also forced to undergo a psychiatric examination, which instead would be a visit commensurate with the job.


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