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Because the Spanish Grand Prix deserves the World Cup

Because the Spanish Grand Prix deserves the World Cup

Should we consider the 2021 World Cup already concluded after the Spanish Grand Prix? It sounds amazing, but technically the answer is yes. Meaning that the teams, all of which have already focused on 2022 projects that will determine the balance of the entire three-year period (2022-2024) in accordance with the technical regulations, will not devote significant investments or human resources to development. Of the current cars.

From Monte Carlo we run in the dark

From the next Monte Carlo GP race (May 23), we’ll race what we have, obviously with specific aerodynamic packages already approved for the entire season: high loads for Monaco and Singapore, unloaded cars at Monza and Spa, etc. Red Bull will go the extra mile as they have a chance to advance in the era of hybrid cars and break the dominance of Mercedes, but it couldn’t be anything extraordinary. It will not be possible to act at the expense of research in 2022 because the consequences could be catastrophic: losing this World Cup and then finding himself late for the next three. Moreover, Red Bull is already involved in creating a new engine division from scratch that will create power units for 2025 and the following years.

Flyers and Details. And Ferrari

For titles at stake, the difference will be made by drivers, notably Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Details will be crucial, as the Mercedes phenomenon has prevailed until now. But important answers await Ferrari: After the positive results in Bahrain and Imola and Portugal’s step back, we will understand the fate of the Reds for the current championship.

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This is why Montmelo will unveil a litmus test denouncing the public health of the singles seat, and is destined to remain virtually unchanged for the rest of the tournament. The evaluation will be more neutral given the fact that for the first time in the modern era it will be run in the dark, without previous tests (this year only one session in Bahrain). And it is made more interesting than in previous versions by the adjustment made to the 10 “La Caixa” curve.