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Beatrice Borromeo is the most elegant queen in Europe

Beatrice Borromeo is the most elegant queen in Europe

Beatrice Borromeo It is the most elegant property in Europe. Handed over by the British magazine Mace tatler, whose classic and ethereal style recognized the height of ornate brilliance. Her red carpet dresses are stunning and luxurious, but even when she’s not in the spotlight, she doesn’t shy away from elegant and delicate outfits. Her coronation may have been a bit surprising, but it’s not too surprising if you think that Borromeo has a long modeling career behind her, tied to the most famous brands.

Who is Beatrice Borromeo?

Model, journalist, producer… Beatrice Borromeo It is a very busy property. He is 36 years old, a descendant of one of the oldest Italian families and a granddaughter Marta Marzotto, is proud to collaborate with the most famous brands in the field of clothing. Since his first appearance on the platform in 2000 for ChanelHis career was on the rise. She is currently an ambassador for Dior And a certificate of jewelry Buccellati. She also made her way as a journalist and columnist in both television, radio, and print media, and today she makes documentaries with the production company she founded. In 2015 he got married Pierre Casiraghi, son Caroline Monacoand bore her two children: Stefano Ercol Carlo NS Francesco Carlo Albert.

unforgettable clothes

The title of the most elegant royal family in Europe is well deserved. There is so much, indeed so much, that the dream seems to have come true Beatrice Borromeo. Starting from the four lavish wedding dresses to the wedding party Pierre Casiraghi signed by Alberta FerrettiAnd Armani Private NS Valentino Haute Couture. But also the Bon Ton style of a tartan robe with a hat with a veil for the national holiday in Munich does not leave you indifferent. Not forgetting the gold fringed dress worn in the summer of 2021 or the silver glitter rose ball gown of 2015. One is more glamorous than the other, all to lose your head.

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From Kate Middleton to Charlotte of Monaco, the illustrious contenders

precedence Beatrice Borromeo In terms of style, it’s even more valuable if you think about the competitors you’ve won against. First Kate Middleton, was named UK Influencer of the Year (Who is the Details) and able to sell any piece of clothing within a few hours. or Leticia Ortiz, which always attracts attention with its fashion but always with its sizing options. Or stay within the Principality of Monaco, the wives of the husband Tatiana Santodomingo NS Charlotte CasiraghiIt is highly regarded by fashion experts all over the world. Who knows how they took the “defeat”? What is certain is that Beatrice will be able to manage it…in style.

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