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Beatrice Borromeo and Alexandra of Hanover, her husband's close sister-in-law on the show

Beatrice Borromeo and Alexandra of Hanover, her husband’s close sister-in-law on the show

snake relatives It is a true saying of many families but not of the royals in Monaco. At least for the branch that interests him Carolina. The princess and her four children, all three had gone through it Stefano Casiraghi and one of Ernst HanoverThey seem to love and get along well. Very reserved, they are seen almost exclusively on formal occasions, but on those occasions, they always look very laid back. This also extends to “entrants”, such as wives and husbands. Beatrice Borromeo and Alexandra Hannover They proved it to us at the fashion show Dior.

Beatrice without Pierre

Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi in Venice for the Biennale
Beatrice and Pierre in Venice in April

Beatrice Borromeo she is a wife Pierre Casiraghi and mother of her two children, Francesco and Stefano. On the red carpet, the couple has repeatedly shown evidence of falling in love, between dreamy looks and complicit smiles. Although neither of them have noble titles, in all respects they are similar to a prince and princess from a fairy tale. ambassador for Dior Since 2021, Borromeo will not miss an offer for the French house. She was often accompanied by Pierre (over here with Athena), however, to attend the Spring/Summer 2022 show, she chose her sister-in-law.

Alexandra, titled and … secret

The appearance of the Monaco royal family at the Monaco Grand Prix
Beatrice and Alexandra with her boyfriend and Charlotte Casiraghi at the Monaco GP

Alexandra Hannover is the youngest Caroline Monaco. She is 23 years old and very concerned about privacy, she has always shown a little bit around her. Raised between Paris and the Principality, she moved to the United States to study political science and philosophy at Columbia University, possibly to escape the constant media hype surrounding her family on the Old Continent. The holder of the most noble titles among all the members of the Grimaldis family, she is said to love riding a bike and spending time with her German scion boyfriend. Ben Sylvester Strautmanwith whom he was a steady husband for several years.

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princess look

Beatrice Borromeo and Alexandra de Hanover at the Dior show
At the Dior fashion show

he is Beatrice Borromeo who – which Alexandra Hannover They decide to leave their mates at home to enjoy Girls’ Day. Specifically between sister-in-law. in a fashion show Dior They looked very cohesive and were adopted for the benefit of the room. The views they hold are completely different. Borromeo was regal in his trademark all-black look, with a bustling physique and original features, and consisted of an embroidered jacket and trousers with buttons at the ankle. Young Alexandra’s style is fresher, and chic with roomy jeans, a soft striped jacket and a shimmering jacket. lady d (there Because this bag is called that) in wicker. Different and beautiful, she breaks down to the Prince’s sisters on show.

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