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Bathroom bonus from 50% to 75% and more, take advantage of it now, it won’t last long

Bathroom bonus from 50% to 75% and more, take advantage of it now, it won’t last long

For 2023, there are two deductions related to the money-saving pigeon bonus. Let’s find out how to get it.

The bathroom is one of them The most important rooms of the house; However, the interventions to be implemented in this environment are often very expensive and are always delayed.

The amount of renewal varies according to the materials used, the type of intervention, the manpower and the quality of the sanitary installations. Fortunately, the 2023 Budget Act renewed some of them house rewardsincluding your own file Bath rewards. In practice, the tax credit that will be applied to the costs incurred to renovate this environment can be deducted. However, pay attention to the requirements to be able to access this facility.

50% to 75% off with a bath bonus: here’s how to get it

Meloni government decided Pigeon bounty extended for 2023 as well. However, for the information duty, it must be specified that this incentive is not independent. This means that the taxpayer can benefit from Deductions from 50% to 75% Only if the bathroom happened to be turned inside Architectural barriers bonus and restructuring bonus.

Bathroom Bonus: 50% to 75% off (

Actually, for Bonus architectural barriers The discount is expected 75% on expenses incurred, divided into 5 equal annual instalments. The spending limit is 50,000 euros, 40,000 or 30,000 euros, depending on the type of building to be modified.

Instead, it is 50% discount% Back to Restructuring bonus Provided that the expenses incurred do not exceed 96 thousand euros. This bonus is valid until 31st December 2024 and is payable in 10 equal annual instalments. the permissible interventions They are those related to:

  • exceptional and normal maintenance;
  • renewal;
  • Recovery;
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of common areas in buildings.
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to reach Bath rewards It is to take advantage of the above deductions that the taxpayer must do meet the specified requirements in respect of the expenses incurred. In fact, discounts can only be used to:

  • exceptional maintenance of the toilets;
  • Create works to break down architectural barriers within the building and facilitate access to toilet facilities for people with disabilities.

From here we understand that the pigeon reward is 2023 It cannot be used for normal maintenance expenses, or expenses related to the replacement of sanitary ware and faucets. In this case, the government paid a so-called water bonus.

The choice of the reward to be used depends on the taxpayer’s tax ability, bearing in mind that in addition to the deduction, he will also be able to benefit from a discount on the invoice or a credit transfer.