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“Barbarian Times”. Salvini dismisses it as – il tempo


The decision to name Milan Malpensa Airport after Silvio Berlusconi provoked an angry reaction from the left. Pepe Sala, the mayor of Milan, stands alone in the exercise, mired in controversy over a security emergency in the city he governs. “Regardless of the idea and the name, it’s crazy for my president to make a decision like this in Italy,” said a Democratic representative on the sidelines of presenting PizzAuto’s PizzAutoBus program. Then increase. “I – underlining Meyer – are not irritated, this is not a problem of emotion; it is a problem of reason, I am discussing why there is no longer respect for forms, for correctness in relationships”. In what sense? “Naming an airport doesn’t happen like that. Who decides that, an Enac president without even consulting the company that works there? The president of Enac is biased, he comes and goes; if a company was there, he comes and goes. For years, she dedicates herself to it, she spends her funds. takes a risk and then she’s not consulted… If these are barbaric times we live in, we’ll get over it, but I certainly can’t be happy about it,” says Sala, speaking of “barbaric times” and the attack: “How does politics relate to the way things are done? I can’t understand that there is.”


Infrastructure and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini’s dismissive words: “If there was someone on the left worth one-tenth of Silvio Berlusconi…”, he says in a live broadcast of criticism on TikTok. Berlusconi was named Malpensa. And “I say to Mayor Salah, pay attention for a moment to your city, it’s mine, you must guarantee security”. Hit and drowned. At Silvio Berlusconi Airport, Salvini promises: “We will not stop”.

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