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Barbara Dorso far from Mediaset?  Arrival of the final decision

Barbara Dorso far from Mediaset? Arrival of the final decision

There has been a lot of talk lately about the future Barbara Dorso in Mediaset, even speculated to be fired eventually. Celebrity host contract with Mediaset It expires, in fact, on December 31, 2022 and someone has rumored about his possible resignation.

The presenter herself denied these rumors by revealing the truth of the matter. Let’s see, then, what actually happened.

Barbara D’Urso and the future of La Pupa and Nerdy

As everyone knows Barbara Dorso drove this year Showing the pupa and nerd, On Italia 1, flips the formatting mechanism.

The program, however, did not get very satisfactory reviews and Mediaset It seems that he did not appreciate the conductive line of the presenter.

In fact, many viewers did not appreciate the dynamics of the program so similar to those that were closed earlier.

The first episode did not get sensational reviews and in the following categories there was a disastrous drop in participation.

Therefore, at the moment, it is difficult for Mediaset to decide to also re-propose the show in the next TV season.

Barbara Dorso He will continue to work for the company, but will only run one program and not three or four as in previous years. Obviously, it is not inconceivable that things can change over time: mediaset, In fact, he may decide to entrust her with other business projects.

Just like this year, when dorso Received the proposal to lead Bubba and Nerdy Show.

Mediaset: What will Barbara Dorso do next year?

It just looks like that Barbara Dorso He will extend his contract. with Mediaset Also for the 2022/2023 season.

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According to next year’s schedule Lady Cologno You will continue to drive afternoon 5 The coordination will remain unchanged. The afternoon program shall maintain the same airtime, starting at 5:25 p.m. and ending before the early evening competition.

The broadcast will therefore continue in a reduced version, as in the last season. At the moment, this appears to be the only proposed designation for Dorso.

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Other broadcasts such as Sunday LiveIt’s not there Dorso, It appears that it is not included in the tables Mediaset. In the past, the two programs ran on the Sunday afternoon of Canal 5 and the evening of the same day.

There were some rumors about common behavior of Afternoon 5 with Barbara Dorso and Simona Brachetti, The journalist who replaced her in the winter.

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We just have to wait for the next TV season to witness the development of the professional situation of the well-known broadcaster.

What is certain is that Barbara Dorso will not leave mediaset, On the contrary, he will remain loyal to his company while waiting to participate in new business ventures.