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Bancomat, fine as of June for those who refuse to sell points.  Sanctions are expected to be imposed on shopkeepers and professionals

Bancomat, fine as of June for those who refuse to sell points. Sanctions are expected to be imposed on shopkeepers and professionals

The Penalties to merchants And professionals Who refuse payments ATM And Credit card can be attracted by June. Advance, then, compared to the January 1, 2023 stipulated in Decree-Law 152 of last year. The law can already be approved today within the new NRP Ordinance, Recovery and Resilience Plan, which must be approved by Cabinet and which will include a “tax package” that also includes the promotion of electronic billing.

Dear billers, stress on conditioning: from May not lower than 27 degrees. First, I agree to the decree

Bancomat, expected penalties

So already this summer, those who refuse to pay via POS will risk a double fine: a fixed fine of 30 euros and a 4% increase in the unacceptable operation. However, that on ATMs isn’t the only novelty in the new decree on PNRR. In electronic invoices, for example, the obligation can amount to less than 65 thousand euros. Today, VAT numbers that fall within the flat rate system are actually exempt. What should be approved today is a measure that follows the mission of European Commission inspectors on March 31 to check the implementation times of enabling measures and reforms. The goal is to speed up all the procedures that must be completed by next June. On the other hand, there should be no energy regulations, which are postponed to a later decree. Within the decree there will also be a large package prepared by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta which relates to the public service.

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First of all, the InPa, Linkedin portal for public competitions will be enhanced. All central departments will have to post their competition notices on the portal. Then it will be up to other public bodies and bodies, while for municipalities and other local administrations, there will first be a transition to a unified conference. Not only. The platform will also become a gateway for general employee mobility procedures. Those who wish to switch from one department to another must do so by applying through the InPa portal. There will also be rules to limit orders and dismissal of employees in order to make the lanes permanent. Officials’ competitions also change. It would look like these executives, with additional testing, and an assessment to assess interpersonal skills as well.


There will also be organizational strengthening. At the request of the European Commission, some of the guidelines issued in recent months by the Ministry of Civil Service on the subject of competitions will be strengthened by integrating them with legal provisions. The item will also include rules for the south introduced by Minister Mara Carvagna. First of all, special economic zones should be strengthened, to make them more attractive for investments. There will then be a new round of appointments to enhance the capacity of local authorities dealing with NMP projects. Even the second invitation to the Southern Championship would not have given the desired results.

The Minister for Digital Transformation, Vittorio Colao, is also expected to introduce a simplified name package to accelerate investments in 5G and ultra broadband networks. There will be no energy measures. Actions that have been postponed to another decree must be approved within two weeks. As well as all the measures that require financial coverage, postponed until after the approval of the Security Council resolutions scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 20 April.