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Balance and the new call for his music between Africa, local reality and youth

Balance and the new call for his music between Africa, local reality and youth

The Museke Foundation renews its passion and expertise in international cooperation, promotion and implementation of projects in the health, educational, training and social fields, especially in low-income countries but also in Italy.

It does this by approving the Mission’s budget for 2021 and launching the new annual grant that has a fixed endowment of €250,000 to fund social benefit projects, with the added value of the Young Alumni Award named after the founder Enrica Lombardi. “A renewed impetus in many of the activities that we see at the fore – confirmed Treasurer Aurora Lombardi – starting with a rich history of projects and resources distributed last year.”


The Museke Council approved the final budget that made it possible to disburse 700 thousand euros, of which 250 thousand were for projects abroad (Burundi, Mozambique, Tanzania) implemented in cooperation with other entities, mainly with the Tofini Foundation, Medicus Mundi, SEPIC Foundation, FES; another 250 thousand for the annual stipend; 55 thousand for projects in the Brescia region in cooperation with the municipality of Oats Brescia; 15 thousand for projects with the University of Brescia (CeTAmb and UNESCO Chair) and with Cattolica (UNESCO Chair and Secondary School for the Environment); And finally, 50 thousand for charitable activities and various scholarships. With a new format, the annual disbursement call has already been opened which stipulates a maximum contribution of 15 thousand euros payable per project (last year 31) to be submitted by June 30 (information and application form on the website

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“The budget for the mission – set by President Don Roberto Lombardi – describes in detail each project related to the institutional activity of the Foundation for more than ten years and which is expanding more and more in African countries and in the local region, in close cooperation with the general body.” Two important examples: managing one social network of apartments for homeless people” and leather goods projecta professional laboratory of 12 foreign women.

“The three best theses for the master’s degree, discussed in all Italian universities, including foreign students, dedicated to the social – health and childhood and motherhood fields in African countries – finally summoned the Vice-President Marina Doggi -, You will remember Enrica Lombardi, who knew how to excite the best in people. For us, it is a way to keep his memory alive and we wish the new generations the same determination.”