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Bad weather warning Sicily and Calabria, red weather warning today

Bad weather warning Sicily and Calabria, red weather warning today

In Sicily and Calabria on Tuesday, October 26, bad weather did not rest, For both regionsRed alert For weather conditions.

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In Sicily, after a field day where the body of a missing person was found in Scotia, violent storms and hurricanes are expected, mainly affecting the eastern parts of the island. Rainfall warns of civil safety, which could cause hydraulic and hydraulic criticisms. Strong storms and hurricanes are likely along the Ionian coast of the region. Operations at Catania Airport have also been affected by bad weather over the past 24 hours. Lessons have been suspended and schools closed in many municipalities. Problems with various road arteries with interventions at 385 ‘de Palagonia’ State Road and 194 ‘Ragusana’ State Road near Lentini. The interventions of hundreds of law enforcement and firefighters are protecting the families of isolated and stranded motorists.

Rainfall, mainly rain or thundershowers, is a frequent occurrence in the Middle East. Forecasts also indicate hail with lightning and violent winds. Elsewhere in Sicily, orange alert, low risk level.


A complex picture in Calabria, too, is that “widespread and intense rainfall is expected, with widespread rainfall or thunderstorms, especially constant events in the ion fields”. These are events with “heavy rain, local hail, frequent electrical activity and strong winds”. Furthermore, the bulletin forecast “a storm with strong gusts of wind, with a tendency for further temporary reinforcements in the ion sections”.

The warning states that there is a risk of “storm surges on exposed coasts”. In this context, the municipality of Catanzaro has extended the order to close all level schools and sports facilities to date. Where the red alarm is not in effect, they will be triggered in the orange and yellow alarm area.

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The latter was also imposed on other areas: Abruzzo, Basilicotta, Molise, most parts of Lazio.