Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bad weather in the Turin region, people and flooding on an island in Moncalieri


From 6pm on Sunday 7 July, instability increased in the western Piedmont, with thunderstorms spreading across the Dornese, Canaves and Alto Cuenis. Just before 7pm in Moncaglieri, a Drago 51 helicopter rose to rescue 10 people stranded on an island by the rising waters of the Po River, after which people were able to reach safety.

A serious fall was recorded in Centro Meteo Piemonte and Trofarello in Borgaretto near Nichelino. The storm also hit Moncalieri after 7pm. Two tunnels were closed on flooded streets in Orbassano and Moncalieri, one on Strada Brandina and the other on Strada Tiro a Segno.

Damage and flooding in Asti (and surrounding areas including hail-hit Villafranca d’Asti) was recorded due to the passage of a violent storm before. After hitting Asti, the violent storm cell moved east toward Alexandria. Heavy hail hit Cuadartio and Bellizano (Al) with whitewashed roads.

Piedmont, Yellow Warning for Locally Strong and Persistent Thunderstorms: Areas at risk for Sunday, July 7

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