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Retroscena: due giorni prima della Superlega, una lettera accusava Agnelli per.... la nuova Champions della Uefa!

Background: Two days before the start of the Premier League, Agnelli’s letter accused … the new European Union champion! | first page

Here something is not right. Friday, April 16th, when nothing was known about the Premier League yet (The press release arrived shortly after midnight Sunday 18th), Associated Ultras groups from all over Europe (Among others Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Arsenal) They wrote a letter to Andrea AgnelliAt that moment after President of the Egyptian Chefs Association (European Club Federation), And the European Union Science Committee, Which will meet the following Monday (19) to present the new Champions League (from 2024).

Read the text of the message and pay attention to what the Ultras wrote in the 2024-25 UEFA Champions League (on April 16, we repeat): “Fixed his imagination and for him a bunch of really rich clubs. The Champions League restructuring plan is based on an increase in the number of matches, the introduction of qualification based on previous results and the seizure of commercial rights to the competition. It threatens the integrity of our sport as a whole. The Juventus president and the Egyptian Chefs Association want to widen the gap between the rich and the rest, destroy the national leagues and demand that fans sacrifice more time and money to pursue their club. The club lobby is trying to find new ways to spoil us, but we don’t have the time and money to invest in your imaginations or fund your unlimited greed.“.

Do these accusations remind you of anything? No? Try replacing “Champions League” with Superlega. Curious isn’t it? e Severin What do you think of the fact that the people of the stadium have this opinion of reform that is defending it in these hours? And to the new President of the Egyptian Chefs Association, Khulaifi, the messages will come like him? We’ll see, for now, the fact remains that, throughout this story, there are still a lot of ambiguities and details to be discovered, plus the fact that it illustrates how Agnelli is up to two days before announcing the birth of Superlega pretending to be a supporter of the UEFA Champions League reform.

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