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Away from the tricolour: The Incredibles have already done away with it, after the lively controversy they removed the Italian flag

Away from the tricolour: The Incredibles have already done away with it, after the lively controversy they removed the Italian flag

After heated debate in recent weeks, Stellantis has made the final decision: the tri-colour will no longer appear on the new Fiat 600.

It’s official: The new Fiat 600 bid farewell to the Italian flag. resolution excellentwhich was taken after the heated controversy of recent weeks, has sparked a heated debate that goes beyond the simple aesthetic question.

On the one hand, there are those who lament the betrayal, accusing the car group of this It distorted Italian identity From the historical car. the TricolorFor many, it represents an indispensable symbol, a deep connection to origins and provenance History of the Fiat brand. Its disappearance is seen as an individual abandoning his roots and surrendering to commercial pressures and dictates.”Made in italy“.

On the other side, excellent He defends his choice, stressing that The Fiat 600 remains an Italian car For all intents and purposes, it is designed and designed in Italy by Fiat Style Center. I Tricolorwe read in an official note, was “Just a decorative element“, whose absence does not change in any way Italian nature of the product.

But the question is more complex. Attend the The three colors on the car body It was not just an aesthetic feature, but rather represented an added value to the brand, and is a distinctive element that it is capable of Arouse emotions Strengthening links with consumers.

Removing the tricolor from the Fiat 600: a warning to everyone

remove the Tricolor It means deprivation Fiat 600 From part of her identity, from that magic that made herAn icon of Made in Italy in the world. Moreover, the choice excellent It opens a dangerous precedent: if Tricolor A car produced by an Italian company cannot be offered abroad, what will happen to others Emblematic products of our country?

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The story prompts us to contemplate the true meaning of “Made in italy“And on the value of the symbols that represent our identity. In a globalized world, where production is increasingly fragmented, it becomes necessary to know how to distinguish between the essence and what is an accessory. The Tricolor on Fiat 600 Maybe it’s just a detail, but it’s an important one.

In addition to the identity debate, it is also of commercial importance. option excellent It can have a negative impact on Fiat 600 salesEspecially in Italy where Tricolor It represents an indispensable value for many consumers. It remains to be seen whether the automaker will be able to convince the public with its arguments or not Loss of tricolor It will lead to real Boomerang commercial.