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Juan Jesus a Sky: "Via da Roma per colpa di una persona sola. Kim? Un soldato sempre pronto"

“Away from Rome because of one person. Kim? A soldier always ready”

This is how Napoli defender Juan Jesus spoke to Sky Sport’s microphones after the win over Roma.

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Juan JesusThe defender of Naples, speaking thus into microphones Sky Sports After the victory over Rome:It’s not revenge for me, I’ve always had a good relationship with Roma, and I have a special bond. I have always respected him as a target who respects Inter. I’ve lived the past two years in a complicated way, now I’m defending the colors of Napoli and I’m happy. In Rome it ended like this because of only one person, not because of Rome. Today I proved that I am still alive, contrary to what anyone said. In football, there are no more owners and backups, today all those who entered did well. The team is doing a great job with the coach and we have to congratulate everyone“.

Do you now preach about calm in the locker room or start talking about the scudetto?
We have to keep scoring points because the tournament is not over yet, a new one will start in January and we have to continue like this. If we continue down this path, the more points we score, the higher we will rise“.

How is it with Kim?
He is a soldier and always ready and speaks good English so we talk to each other. When there is danger, the attack always continues“.

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