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Dyson is preparing for a major layoff plan that will see around a third of its UK staff go: the founder confirms that R&D will remain in the UK, but for employees, the company wants to move the entire sector to Singapore.

Posted: July 10, 2024 at 9:35 PM

British company Dyson I decided to start full body. Layoff plan Its employees are being made to prepare, company leaders say, for the future of fierce and competitive global markets. The popular brand of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and hair dryers will leave about a third of its workforce at home. thousand peoplecurrently working in United kingdom (3,500 employees in total). Dyson offices are particularly affected by the layoff plan. Wiltshire, Bristol H London.

Dyson layoffs reasons

Explain the reasons that drive the company towards the new Layoff plan He was the CEO of Dyson, They have Kearney.He spoke of the difficulty of operating “in increasingly fierce and competitive global markets.” For the CEO, the vacuum cleaner company must maintain its “entrepreneurial and agile” character to navigate the uncertain waters of the future, even if the choice made is “incredibly painful because of the impact on close and talented colleagues.” Kearney also stressed that “at-risk people will be supported through the redundancy process.”

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Dyson crisis

Dyson It is a leading company in the field of vacuum cleaners, as it has always been distinguished by its wonderful innovations resulting from an advanced sector of research and development Internally. However, a 40 percent increase in the latter will cause quite a few problems for a company that has been in good health up until now.

It is added to what was said that the founder of the company, Mr. James Dyson (£20bn in assets), long conflict With economic policies Which was adopted in United kingdomSo much so that in 2019 he made the decision to move his headquarters there. SingaporeThe choice was certainly not random, given that the company’s production is largely based in Asia, where its supply chains are also located. And again, Singapore has a free trade agreement with the European Union, making it much easier to produce Dyson products outside its home country’s national borders.

For James Dyson, the UK government, with its high taxes It discourages entrepreneurs who, in this way, have no other alternative but to invest in “modern and far-sighted economies”. To complete what has been said, we would like to remind you that in April 2023, the UK corporation tax will rise from 19 to 25 percent, and obviously the high energy costs must also be added to it.

In the UK only Dyson R&D

James DysonIn the announcement of Layoff planspecifying that United kingdom It will remain a vital center for research and developmentAlthough his words were rejected by a representative of the employees who received the termination notice. As he told the BBC, only the UK R&D building remained, while all the workers had left.

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“This is in stark contrast to James’s promise that R&D would remain in the UK even after the HQ was moved to Singapore,” said the soon-to-be-fired Dyson worker. “We believe this is clearly an attempt to cut costs by using our services over those of our Southeast Asian counterparts who are cheaper to hire.

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