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Average income exceeds 90,000 euros


The richest municipality in Italy with an average income of over 90,000 euros: a picturesque village on the Ligurian Riviera. This is where we are…

The richest municipality in Italy (

According to the data published by The Ministry of Economy and Finance Regarding the declared income in 2023 for the tax year 2022 Residents of a famous locality in Ligurian Riviera They recorded an impressive average income of €90,610.

This result, calculated on a total of 301 contributors, represents a particularly notable milestone for this venue, which saw a significant jump compared to the previous year.

In 2021, this municipality ranked fourth among Ranking of the richest municipalitieswith an average income of around 39,200 euros.

The huge increase in average income not only put this municipality in the spotlight, but even surpassed the areas considered. Historically richer But it also sets a new standard when it comes to healthy economic situation In our country.

The small but charming city we are talking about is Portofino, Which has always been a destination for tourists and celebrities from all over the world, as they are attracted by the natural beauty of this charming place.

The picturesque harbour and luxurious accommodation… Portofino It has always offered originality and elegance and continues to amaze anyone who visits.

Historic center of Portofino, With colorful houses and high-end fashion boutiques, as well as gourmet restaurants, it offers a unique and upscale atmosphere.

The richest municipality in Italy is Portofino.

Portofino It has achieved its economic boom this year, and this latter can be attributed to various factors.

Portofino (

The growing tourism activity must certainly be taken into account as it has also been fuelled by Investments In infrastructure and luxury services.

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Moreover, the presence also played a crucial role. wealthy population Thus, high-value properties, which contribute to raising the average income of this municipality.

Portofino So it went straight to first place in the ranking. Richest municipalities in Italy Its continued success as a luxury destination has also been praised.

village Portofino It is nothing short of enchanting and not only attracts particularly wealthy tourists, but is also one of the most sought-after destinations for prestigious events and cultural activities.

All this adds to the charm and economic value. Portofino.

So, Portofino It’s not just a gem. Ligurian Riviera Thanks to its beauty and cultural heritage, but also a true symbol of economic prosperity.

Portofino Village
Portofino Village (

We are talking about an average income of 90,610 euros. So this village continues to shine and continues to maintain its title. The most desirable and luxurious place in Italyconfirming its status. The richest municipality in the country.


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