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Auto tax towards cancellation: Here are the relevant categories

Auto tax towards cancellation: Here are the relevant categories

The old car tax will not be a problem. The cancellation is part of the tax requirement that sends the 2000-2010 files to the attic.

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It is one of the most hated taxes by Italians, but perhaps coexistence will not last forever. Draghi’s government, in fact, The abolition of the car tax appears to be in sight For certain categories of taxpayers who could notice their evaporation from 2021. This provision was introduced with the Ordinance of Support and states that those facing a threatening series of arrears can benefit from an unexpected cut.

Or maybe it wasn’t unexpected, because canceling past and old debts was a specific goal to relieve pressure on the group’s archives. Given that the issue was still ongoing at the national level, someone had already moved in time at the regional level. Indeed, the effects of the truce on the auto tax, in some areas, are already over. Initially planned on a general scale, the ruling gradually narrowed the circle, reducing the range of beneficiaries of the abolition.

Canceled car tax: this is what rejoices

Thus, only some taxpayers will benefit from the cut. First of all, only those for whom the car tax is included in the debts registered in the turn, or who have already been notified by the tax invoice (the same also happens for other taxes, such as Imu). Provided that notification is given within a period of time Between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2010. In practice, the abolition of the auto tax is part of the fiscal truce introduced by the government to reduce old parcels in the Treasury, which are often considered uncollectible. All this, however, with the goal of sending new tax invoices. However, a blow to taxpayers who, most likely, will not benefit from further extensions.

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But it was said about the beneficiaries. Among those who can rejoice, there will be those who owned an ISEE in 2019 equal to or less than 30 thousand euros. It should be noted that the ISEE account refers to the entire family to which the recipient of the tax invoice belongs. Also, the maximum amount of folders involved It should not exceed 5 thousand euros. If you meet all of these requirements, you will no longer have to deal with the hated tax of the car tax. In this case, it will likely be outlived by about twenty years. The cancellation of the debts in question will be automatic and effective by October 31 at the latest.