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Aurora Colombo intervenes in the selection of Luca Salatino

Finally, the men’s and women’s episode in which Luca Salatino made his choice was taped and soon the audience will be able to watch the conclusion of the Roman Trounista track. Meanwhile, Aurora Colombo, the ex-fiancĂ© of Luca Salatino, commented on Instagram, about her choice by shooting several digs.

In the past few days episode men and women Dedicated to the final selection Luca Pretzel It will be aired soon.

In fact, since yesterday, it became known with any suitors Police Night And Soraya Allam Romanian tronista decided to embark on a relationship outside of dating show studies Channel five.

in learning the news, Aurora Colomboformer suitor Luca PretzelCommented on social Choosing him from his Instagram profile, sparing no digs.

Luca Salatino: The choice between Lily Pugliese and Soraya Allam

Men and women: Aurora Colombo intervenes in the selection of Luca Salatino

Finally, after a long journey, first as a suitor and then as Electronista, Luca Salatino have done it Option.

In fact, yesterday was the news that the recording of the episode in which the Romanian tronae player would choose who would leave the dating show between Leila Bolian And secretly mark. In the next few days, the episode will be broadcast and the audience will then be able to learn in detail the dynamics that led to this decision.

Although in the last episodes there was a certain approach to the first suitor, it seems that in the end Luca Salatino He decided to leave the program along with secretly markthus opening a scenario that few had expected lately.

Aurora Colombo: Comment from the former suitor

Men and women: Aurora Colombo intervenes in the selection of Luca Salatino

To comment on the choice Luca Salatino Arrived right away Aurora Colomboan ex-fiancé decided in recent weeks to leave the dating program because she was disappointed that Roman tronista had kissed Police Night Abroad, having previously also kissed her.

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The former suitor didn’t want to wait to see the chosen episode, and immediately shared one Instagram story with a sentence referring to Luca Pretzel:

I can only say that some people mark the time… In front of all this hypocrisy I smile.

In recent weeks, after its release, always away Instagram Aurora Colombo He didn’t spend kind words about either of them secretly mark:

secretly I find it not very mature for the attacks it launched on me (meaningless). I don’t like people who muddy others to stand out.