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Aurora Celli esperimento sociale

Aurora Chili at the heart of a social experiment: This is what happened

Cell.imoon responds politely to Celli: “I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I’ve been following you for years and just opened this page now, because I’m really in love with you… You booked a Weboh vacation, just because you’re thereYou have no idea how you made me stay there. I leave you alone, but maybe the one who should grow up is youThen he starts posting the message to Instagram Stories where he first wrote: “Aurora has disappointed me so much. I’m in tears. I can not believe that‘, then shares screenshots of the conversation, adding comments like:Realize who we’re following…it’s right that you all know who you’re following. She complains about my tone of voice and I’m very polite despite the abuse I’ve done“.

The news starts to spread even if it’s false, since then It’s not AURORA CELLI to which Cell.imoon is related, which at the same time continues the story: “I thought this could cause a mess, but that wasn’t what I was aiming for. You don’t have to convince anyone, if you pass the messages, it will be for your sake in the first place and I would never want her to turn you against her, because even a few hours ago I loved you like your eyes when I looked at her. If you don’t believe it, don’t insult me. Sometimes denying objectivity isn’t always a bad thing. I’m not looking for hype and pity, believe me, I’m not getting anything“.

Aurora Celli doesn’t comment on the news and we don’t write about it either (we’re just surprised when the report arrives), because it seems strange to us that the creator said similar words and we’d rather investigate. On the other hand, many Celie fans respond in disbelief at what they read, but defend the creator. Many ask to see screen recordings, because they do not believe in a single written word, Others are disappointed Through Aurora’s behavior, Still others start insulting Cell.imoonWhich denounces the impossibility of a dialogue with fans of Tiktoker.

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In the end Cell.imoon decided to stop lying and reveal to everyone that he is made everything Because she needs it Thesis content:It was all a social experience. Do not know twilight. Because I don’t know the world of TikTok. I am preparing a thesis at the University of Sociology and you my thesis is my result. I had to choose a public figure. I chose Aurora Celli, because its audience is not very large, with an average age of 14 years. This social experience, in fact, some boys *had to have *a taste of it* in their pre-teens, to see how social networks and the Internet affect their lives, their beliefs, and their ideas. I understand that you can take all this passively, but think carefully about what you did“.

This story should remind us that we must Always check the reliability of the news. Moreover, it must be remembered that we do not respond to any provocation with threats, insults and mockery of the other. Certainly the social experiment was successful. Aurora fans can certainly celebrate because tiktoker is not the insensitive calculator described in the last few hours.

[FOTO: Instagram]