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Aurita Berti announced her retirement like this: “I can no longer…” | Unfortunately that actually happened


Oretta Berti –

Oretta Berti has made an important decision: this is what she chooses not to do anymore and how the famous singer expressed it.

Blast the vitality of it Oretta Berti, the singer who rediscovered the excessive love of the public Years after its debut.

Who would have thought so? Oretta Berti’s music was only suitable for older generations He’s had to change his mind recently.

For a few years, in fact, The famous singer became the protagonist of the extraordinary collaboration With teen idols.

His lyrical forays were highly appreciated Pieces by Fedez and Achille Laurowhile he recently boasted of collaborating with Fiorello.

Orieta Berti: The difficult balance between professional and family life

In addition to her undeniable talent, Orietta Berti has always been known for her dedication to her family. Always loyal to OsvaldoShe was able to juggle the different areas of her life, paying attention to her husband, children, grandchildren and every aspect of her professional life.

“I’m a housewife. If I’m not at work, I have to do the washing, cooking, taking care of the garden and the animals…”He recently announced on television Sorrisi e Canzoni, emphasizing above all his daily commitment Great grandmother of Olivia and Ottavia. The children also decided to continue the family tradition and give the girls names starting with the letter O.

Aurita Berti no longer eats meat
Aurita Berti on

Aurita Berti reveals her decision: what she intends to give up

Oretta Berti is often asked about her secret to a physique that is definitely younger than her chronological age. The singer maintains an enviable energy despite the passage of time. Thanks to good genetics, no doubt, but also thanks to his interest in nutrition.

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Aurita Berti herself reveals her special diet TV smiles and songs: “I stole a trick from Roberto Boll, who always drinks mineral water with lemon in the morning. So, I’m not saying I’m a vegetarian, but I can’t eat meat anymore, only fish. And pasta every two days, otherwise I will gain weight. Do you know what it is? “I’m always travelling, on the train or in the car, and I can’t eat salads. I carry crackers and cheese with me, and that’s not good.”says the singer Confirming the “withdrawal” of the body from his life And choose foods that increase his daily well-being and his ability to always be at his best on stage and in TV shows.


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