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ATM, have you ever noticed such a thing?  If you do not withdraw

ATM, have you ever noticed such a thing? If you do not withdraw

Technology can be at the heart of ATM scams and therefore you need to be careful if you notice any anomalies. what is he talking about

Automated teller machine (Adobe image)

Undoubted comfort ATM It has revolutionized our lives since that day. Above all in terms of time, we have gained precious hours from our daily lives by subtracting them from wasted hours a file At the bank employee’s office or post office. The change was more or less proportional to that in our wallet, which became saturated with magnetic cards and cash in just a few decades.

The Bank, as in some respects also the Post Office, is increasingly seeing the transformation into a place of representation, where interaction with the employee is necessary to cut the difference. products Home banking tailored to your financial needs; In essence, however, criticism finds less and less space in its natural habitat.

ATMs, beware of foreign devices

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

If in the past an important part of services took place in the office of an operations clerk, home banking has captured this legacy by allowing itself to operate independently of the home. Meanwhile, the monetary It’s not within the reach of bits and clicks, but providing us with it has also become practical Self-serve, self-serve Fast and secure.

Safe, yes, until certain facts are proven. Unfortunately, those tricks worked out ATM machines; But not even those “technological” tricks on the ATM card account in some stores. When the fraud is successful, we realize that in hindsight, when we read the account statement, which is full of withdrawals that were not made; At this point, get repayment From the bank (in the case of an ATM) it will be more difficult than if it was an affected credit card.

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Fraud happens with ATM card cloning. The methods are very different but equally effective: sometimes you get ‘robbed’ by pin, through the prying eyes that hover around us as we withdraw from the bank’s outer window; And often, while typing the PIN, it is not enough to cover the keyboard.

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In some stores it is a breeding ground for unpleasant tricks: it is enough that I POS Edit by support Scrapers or hidden cameras. The scraper identifies and “copies” the data that can be extrapolated from the card’s magnetic strip. Then with the help of a CameraThe confidentiality of our security keys is irreparably compromised.