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Atlantic wave hits Italy; Rain will return in the evening, let’s see where is

Next hour weather: Atlantic wave touches Italy; It will rain again in the evening, let’s see where

The clouds will return and there will be some thunderstorms in some parts of the north, but it will still be hot

Expected time for the next few hoursThe widespread African anticyclone, now known by a well-known name HannibalContinues to distribute atmospheric stability, but above all the heat we experience these days in many parts of our continent and in Italy Weather forecast Absolutely summer climate with full temperature August.

However, the cold and unstable Atlantic flow is still strong in the northern latitudes of the old continent and taking advantage of the slight decline in African high pressure, it could slightly disturb the weather in our northern regions.
In The next hour In fact, the effects of something will be felt Trouble It touches the northern part of our country, where we can already see the gradual increase of clouds in the west in the morning, but also in some flat areas of the northwest.

However, the afternoon will show a much clearer trend towards atmospheric instability. Almost all alpine and pre-alpine districts will be under surveillance. Rain And some locally Storm.
In addition, in the afternoon and early evening, we did not exclude some occupation of events near the northeastern plains, especially between Friuli Venice Giulia and Upper Veneto.

On the other hand, there are small messages in other parts of the country Warm good weather Some of the passing clouds in the Apennine Peninsula and some parts of Liguria and the Tyrrhenian region, in particular, are disturbed only by the classic maritime clouds that gather near the shores.

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In two words, however, the whole country in practice will experience a truly extraordinary phase, with very hot and humid, especially in the tropics consisting of the Po Valley and the interior of the central and Sardinia. Can touch full values. August.
Even the beginning New week Despite the fact that the first danger from northern Europe is approaching us to announce possible change, it will open up entirely in the name of the summer environment.
We will give more details about this in the next update.