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At the Sala Estense conference for "Friday of the Universe" - Telestense

At the Sala Estense conference for “Friday of the Universe” – Telestense

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An unusual event awaits believers and not only “Fridays of the Universe.” Tomorrow, Friday, May 27, at 9 pm in Sala Estense (Piazza del Municipio), the conference “From Space to Knowledge” is scheduled to be organized as part of the scientific event “From Planck to the Future of the CMB”, named after the satellite launched by the European Space Agency , the first and largest international conference on the cosmic background radiation after COVID, which will take place from 23-27 May in the classrooms of the University of Este.

The initiative will be attended by Nazarino Mandulisi, Planck Mission Scientific Chief, and Fabio Favata, European Space Agency’s Chief Scientific Program Strategy and Planning, who will give short introductory presentations on the topic. After that, a discussion will be opened in which the audience in the room can participate. The supervisor will be Valentina Rolando, a teacher at Liceo Carducci in Ferrara, who has worked for a long time on issues of theoretical physics, with significant experience in the field of scientific communication.

The gist of the conference is how space exploration is changing the face. It was traditionally dominated by the large national agencies of the old superpowers (NASA, Roscosmos), to which the European Space Agency has been added, and in recent years has seen the emergence of new players, both nationally and privately. Scientific research has been the protagonist of the space adventure since its inception, as it also served the function of stimulating the development of new technologies. What role can be expected for space research in the coming years? What repercussions can we expect on our daily lives from this real liberation of access to space, which we are witnessing?

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These questions will be answered during the Free Entry event while seats are available. The conference will also be broadcast live on I Friday of the Universe YouTube channel.