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Dopo quasi due mesi torna un vasto anticiclone

At the end of the week, a large anticyclone returns after almost two months »

Weather Interview with Meteorologist Mattia Guzzoni: Over the weekend, a major anticyclone returns after nearly two months.

A large anticyclone returns after about two monthsReturn of the African anticyclone At least until the winter solstice. After the bad weather, the subtropical high pressure will guarantee stable and sunny conditions.

Today he explains everything Matthias CuzzoniMeteorologist of the site
In the next few days, progress is expected across Italy with large sunny spots, but be careful: with high African pressure, in winter, we often have fog and low clouds; The weather will be very good, especially in the mountains, coasts and in the south, with gray moments elsewhere, sometimes gloomy.

Snow and cold in the north and heat in the south in recent days, what is the forecast?
From a thermal perspective, temperatures are expected to drop temporarily in the Alpine chain, where even in sunny climates the cold can sometimes bite, while in the Mid-South they are almost always mild. Yesterday’s record for Sicily was 30°C. From next week we will return to normal values ​​of time almost everywhere.

More rain expected for the weekend?
Rain episode: In the next few hours there will be some more instability with precipitation between Tuscany, Sardinia, the central Adriatic and the Northeast, then the rain will stop almost everywhere from the afternoon. In fact, Sunday is expected to be dry and pleasant, except for the remaining drizzle in the morning in the middle of the Adriatic: however, be careful of low clouds and local fogs in the Po Valley, inland they will last even during the day. Lower Lombardy and Piedmont.

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The forecast for next week?
At the beginning of the new week, the African anticyclone will bring good weather, disturbed only by fog and local low clouds, more likely in the Po Valley, Liguria and Upper Tuscany: elsewhere the sun will warm up to 15/20°C. A large part of the center – the south.
From Wednesday 21 December until the winter solstice, the African anticyclone is expected to remain undisturbed in Italy, a light Atlantic disturbance will bring rapid and localized rain between northern and central Italy for 24/36 hours.

As we approach Christmas, what are the long-term forecasts?
Long-term forecasts, practically 7/8 day forecasts are still uncertain, but at the moment our models indicate the return of a strong and decisive African anticyclone: ​​Saint Christmas looks mild and sunny in the centre-south. Cloudy in the north with some rain between Liguria and Piedmont, but too early to confirm this; In principle, the good news for holidaymakers is that no serious disruptions like those that have hit Italy in recent weeks are on the horizon.