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At Sky, the first stage of reorganization: releases with incentives up to 40 months

At Sky, the first stage of reorganization: releases with incentives up to 40 months

Sky Italia begins phase one of its four-year transformation plan. The media company actually signed an agreement with the trade unions on non-journalistic employees to develop a plan that provided for a catalytic exit, recourse to isopension and the start of the reorganization and skill alignment process

According to a note from the company, during the 2021/202 biennium, a set of tools and methods were shared, including internal navigation, assimilation of some activities, reskilling and refining of certain professional figures, in addition. to voluntary exits. In the latter case, an incentive of up to 40 months is envisaged, based on the seniority of the company and the timing of joining the plan. Instead, the Skills Transfer Scheme will allocate 153 people for the second half of this year and 501 people for 2022.


The company explained in a note that the agreement was reached “thanks to a transparent and constructive discussion between the parties. Inspired by the principles of social sustainability shared since the beginning of the negotiation, this agreement allows to mitigate the impacts on worksites and on people, while at the same time reconciling the business development plan, which aims to increase digitization in favor of a transition towards a more agile and integrated operating model with the group. With this agreement, which was developed with a view to pre-negotiating, “the company pledged not to take unilateral actions in the spirit of constructive and responsible dialogue that inspired it.”

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