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Astronaut Tim Peake, from space to adventure on a motorcycle

Astronaut Tim Peake, from space to adventure on a motorcycle

The RAF specialty is all about adventurous travel Tim Beck He’s already done many things, and now that he’s 49, he finally has plenty of time for motorcycle adventures.

He was the first of his space walk When he performed his six-month mission on the International Space Station (IS) between 2015 and 2016.
He joined the Royal Military Academy and worked as a helicopter pilot apache Served in the mission in Bosnia. At that time, his girlfriend, who later became a wife, gave him a Honda car as a gift CBR600 Which completely ignited a passion for motorcycles.

After disembarking from the orbital station and back to a more normal life, the chances of riding a motorbike have also increased and I recently got closer to the Triumph world.
And so participated in Goodwood Festival of Speed Driving Daytona 765 by Moto2. “For me it was an unrepeatable event – he says -. I went to the Goodwood Festival several times, also because I lived and studied there, but I was always a spectator. As a participant, on the other hand, you have the crowd around you, all the people looking at you, you have the commotion, Excitement, adrenaline: It was so annoying!”.

He recently took part in the Triumph Adventure Experience on Welsh dirt roads he drives Tiger 900 Rally Pro (At the top you can find the video).

As a coach he was awarded the Enduro World Champion what you want Who told him on a coffee break: “You know what? Normally I wouldn’t tell people to jump five feet on their first day with a Tiger 900, but it looks like you can.”.
He simply replied that we don’t have to be up to it or not, but the instructions must be followed: “I find that it is mostly about confidence. If you think you can do something, you will go ahead and do it. If you think you have failed, you will fail. You have to have the right mindset to face the new things.”