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Astro Samantha dallo spazio risponde alle domande dei piccoli studenti nuoresi

Astro Samantha from space answers the questions of young Nuorese students

Samantha Cristoforettia European Space Agency astronaut (ESA), during this time on a mission in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) (which I arrived on last April 27 aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon), I reached out this morning to Nouris’ young students who listened to them in the courtyard of the San Pietro Comprehensive Institute. The organizer of the initiative is the Al-Nourizi Astronomical Society, which in recent days launched, from the same arena, a space probe into the atmosphere (Read more).

Today Astro Samantha answered many questions from elementary school students (San Pietro and Ferdinando Podda) and middle school (San Pietro and Borrotzu), coordinated by the President of the Association Tommaso Stani By the director of the school complex Maria Coca.

Conversation between Nuorese students and Samanta Cristoforetti (photo S.Novellu)

Among the most curious questions asked to the astronaut were: “If there are other forms of life in space in your opinion” … “If you were ever afraid to undertake a mission” … and “What have you done to stimulate the passion of future women to become pioneers? space “.

The connection, despite the various technical difficulties, aroused the curiosity and enthusiasm of children, teachers and parents.

Cristoforetti, currently working at Minerva Missionwhich includes dozens of experiments in the fields of medicine, biology and technology demonstrations, is also a pioneer inUSOSor the American section of the Orbital Laboratory, which houses various units operated by NASAAnd the ESA and space agencies in Canada and Japan.

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