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Astro Bot does not support PS VR2 and Team Lead Asobi explains why this decision was made


Astro Bot It is one of the PS5 exclusives that will arrive this year and will allow you to discover once again how much the console (and above all its console) can offer to the world of video games. At the same time, it is strange that the game Does not support PS VR2where the Asobi team and Astro Bot IP were born around virtual reality.

Why doesn’t Astro Bot use Sony’s partial renderer? This question was asked by Pushsquare on Nicolas Doucet, President of the Asobi Team And creative director of the video game.

Why doesn’t Astro Bot support PS VR2?

the Doucet replied It was pretty simple: since Astro Bot was never designed for VR, it wouldn’t make sense to include support for it.

Kratos in Astro Bot version

More precisely, the man said: “After Astro’s playroom, here we go Focus 100% on this game. The hope was that if it was really popular, it could be a platform that could stand up for itself and that we could make a bigger version,” he said, explaining that the intention was always to follow up the free product with a full PS5 game. “So no, [PSVR2] “It was not taken into account.”

“When we talk about VR other than virtual realityFor a game like Astro, if you want to make a VR version, it has to be completely designed for that medium. “If it’s not a VR game, it still has to be completely designed for that medium,” he explains. “Some games can be hybrids, like first-person games, because there is more similarity. But in our case, the design philosophy for the two versions is very, very different. The decision was to expand the world of Astro’s playroom and bring Astro to the big stage. So, from the beginning, This was our goal.”

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Finally, we would like to point out that Astro Bot will receive free updates: here’s what kind they are.


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