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Astrazenka anarchy, police anger: "we want security"

Astrazenka anarchy, police anger: “we want security”

News on Serum AstraZeneca In recent weeks, they chased each other quickly and, at times, stormy enough to leave open margins of doubt about the modalities for the vaccination campaign to continue. Then He stopped by on March 15thAs a precaution that lasted for three days, on April 6, the Ministry of Health recommended that the vaccine be given only to … Over 60. A decision that follows the EMA and AIFA indicators and guidelines adopted by Germany, Spain and France. The reason, experts in this sector explained, is related to the fact that “more than expected” cases of blood clots were detected up to 60 years old.

Yesterday the news was published before Adnkronos On Stop Anglo-Swedish Vaccine for Army and Members police Causing confusion at an already unclear time. To lift A state of public concern over decisions regarding AstraZeneca is the Secretary General of the Autonomous Police Union Stefano Pauloni, Which tells us that 90% of policemen received the first dose of the vaccine, and doubts point to two aspects: The first – he explains – is related to the need to understand how to immunize the remaining 10%. The second – he continues – is to obtain clear and accurate information about the safety of the summons. “According to the circular of the Central Directorate of Health.”There are no contraindications to completing a course of vaccination with the same vaccine, regardless of ageBut the suspicions of the Police Corps after the news of recent days are also many.

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“There is a lot interest – Paoloni says – We are awaiting CTS indicators hoping to get clarifications soon. ”Sap was one of the first unions since the day of vax to oppose the use of AstraZeneca because, as Paoloni stated,“ scientific evidence at the time only guarantees that a person will not develop serious illness in The case of HIV infection, but that did not prevent him from transmitting the disease to others. ”Police officers work in close contact with citizens, and this, within the Corps, raises fear of ability, even involuntarily. vehicle From Contagion. “Every day, our men – Stefano Pauloni confirms – perform various interventions that make them committed to approaching people. Then there are the agents involved in the landings and the identification of immigrants whose arrival has begun to increase in recent weeks. In short, they meet several hundred people. That is why. We want all safety margins to be there. “