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Astrazeneca Vaccine: Everyone in Germany Want It.  "The doses may not be enough"

Astrazeneca Vaccine: Everyone in Germany Want It. “The doses may not be enough”

Astrazeneca Anti-Covid Vaccine (Ansa)

Rome, May 13, 2021 – A veritable “assault” on doctors’ offices to make themselves vaccination With AstraZeneca: This is what happens in GermanyAs the priority rule for age groups and professional groups was dropped at the beginning of the month by decision of the federal government and the states. The Pharmacists Association reports that “the Anglo-Swedish vaccine is in great demand so far.” The quantities requested may not be sufficientThe association’s president, Thomas Brace, told the Rheinische Post. “Many doctors are angry, because they are being forced to cancel vaccination appointments that have already been set for some time.” As Spiegel explains, “For a long time the AstraZeneca has been in the sights because of the Rare side effectsNow doctors hardly save themselves from requests. According to the weekly, the sudden popularity of the English serum also depends on the fact that the administration of the The second dose It could be Shorten it to four weeksThis “made this vaccine particularly attractive to most people.” YoungWho want to prepare themselves for a full vaccination to relieve and reopen, “he says again.

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Despite the recommendation of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko) to vaccinate over 60 years old with AstraZeneca, in the wake of very rare cases of thrombosis, especially in women, as the country’s priorities fall All adults They can get an Anglo-Swedish serum using A. Medical consultation. The government and Lander suspended the priority rule as of early May for AstraZeneca, as well as to address a potential supply shortage of other vaccines and Zoom in More and more and more more quickly The audience of the immunized Against Covid.

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Meanwhile, four are not given Through the complete “liberation” of vaccinationsAfter Bavaria, Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg, also soon in Berlin, everyone who wants to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus will be able to receive the vaccine free of charge, regardless of age groups, occupational groups or any previous diseases.

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Currently, 34.32% of the German population received at least one administration (equivalent to more than 28 million people), while 10% (equivalent to 8.3 million individuals) received the share of those who also took the second dose.