Saturday, July 20, 2024

Assange is free and has left the UK


After 1,901 days, Julian Assange was free: he left Belmarsh maximum security prison on the morning of June 24, and after his release at Stansted Airport, left the United Kingdom. As stated onX account WikileaksHis release “is the result of a global campaign involving organizations, press freedom activists, legislators and political leaders, all the way to the United Nations.”

A campaign that opened the door to long negotiations with the US Department of Justice, which reached an agreement that “has not yet been formally finalized.” Assange has agreed to plead guilty to publishing classified military documents provided by former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in 2010 and 2011, and prosecutors will seek to sentence him to 62 months in prison, which will be deemed to have already been served in a high-security prison in London.

The memo concluded: “Assange, after more than five years in a 2 x 3 meter cell, isolated 23 hours a day, will soon be reunited with his wife, Stella, and their children, who only knew their father from behind bars.” Wikileaks.

“The ordeal is finally coming to an end,” his mother Christine said immediately after news of the plea deal. “This shows the importance and power of silent diplomacy. I am grateful to those hard-working invisible people who put Julian’s well-being first. The last 14 years have taken a toll on me as a mother.” .

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Assange will appear before a judge in the US Pacific territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, where he will hold a hearing that will give him the opportunity to return to Australia.


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