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As the snow reaches the south, the flakes return to the Apennines;  Map with quotas and accumulations »

As the snow reaches the south, the flakes return to the Apennines; Map with quotas and accumulations »

Weather: Snow falls in the south and flakes back in the Apennines. Map with probabilities and accumulation

The White Lady is ready to return!Snow has returned in the last 24 to 36 hours in the Alps, and (after several weeks of dry weather) has also appeared in the central Apennines. The turbulent front, in these hours, is moving towards the regions of southern Italy, driven by strong winds that are colder than foggy and will continue to bring unstable phenomena and bad weather even in the next few hours.

like he said The snow She fell back on all Alps, locally also abundant in the last few hours between Upper Lombardy and Treveneto. In the video below the stunning snowfall in Selva de Val Gardena (Tennessee).

According to the current data, as shown in the map below, it indicates a day Tuesday, January 10thSnow will still be able to continue to fall in the various Italian regions. Starting in northern Italy, especially in Alpine border sectors with Austria and Switzerlandthe chips could still go over to the Italian side thanks to the so-called “super snowfall” Valle d’AostaAnd Upper Lombardy And Trentino-Alto Adige. Alternatively, significantly more snowfall may occur in the regions of southern Italymainly onSouthern Apennines (Area Silas in Calabria) and on the northern hills of Sicily (inscriptions Madonie And Nebrodi Mountains), with a variable snow depth between 1100–1300 metres.

In the map below we show you the most important areas Danger of rain and snow and related quantities to be recorded within a day Tuesday, January 10th: in blue colored areas Accumulations of between 15 and 40 mm are expected while accumulations are less than 5 mm in the blue colored regions. in Pink colored areasareas in which they are expected to be located Snowfall.Snow is expected during Tuesday, January 10thSnow is expected during Tuesday, January 10th

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An improvement in weather conditions is expected in the Far South only from Tuesday afternoon, January 10th, even if Temperatures will drop several degrees under propulsion affiliate Mistral winds are strong with giveaways It reaches 90-110 km / h in Sardinia It’s connected Tyrrhenian. The passage of another disturbance expected to arrive from Thursday the 12th, which could return snow to the central eastern Alpine arc below 800m above sea level and again to the central and southern Apennine reliefs, should also be assessed; But we will have the opportunity to talk about this in the upcoming editorials.