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Arrivals boom since the beginning of the year: +40%.  The shocking numbers about immigration

Arrivals boom since the beginning of the year: +40%. The shocking numbers about immigration

While the left continues to talk about the normal regarding a large number of immigrants Arriving at the Italian coasts, in the usual August 15 report, the Ministry of the Interior shakes numbers and says another fact. 45,664 immigrants have been disembarked since the beginning of the year, bearing in mind that the number does not include arrivals from August 12 to 14, which exceeded 1,000 units. Compared to 2021, the increase is 40.36% in the reference period.

Of the total disembarkations, Ministry of Interior data indicate that 21,347 migrants were rescued following search and rescue events 46.7%, while 7270 migrants were retrieved by NGOs, equivalent to 16%. Most landings, 24,317, or 53.2%, arrived with independent events. The nationalities most represented among the migrants who have arrived in Italy so far are: Libya (24,809), Tunisia (12,536) and Turkey (7039), followed by Lebanon, Algeria, Syria and Greece. “My government stopped illegal immigration: only 4,000 arrivals in 2010. Today, landings have increased by 40% in the past year. The European Union must help us. The security of citizens is the first task of a liberal stateSilvio Berluconi wrote on social media, commenting on the increase in landings certified by the Ministry of the Interior.

from channelslegal accessInstead, 4 individuals have arrived in our country for resettlement, 977 through humanitarian corridors, 185 after humanitarian evacuations, and 5,544 with Operation Aquila from Afghanistan. From January 1 to August 11, 137 people identified as smugglers were arrested, an increase of 41.24% compared to 97 people in the same period last year.

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With over 45,000 approved expats, I Repatriation They were less than 4 thousand, exactly 3,955. Moreover, according to the data of the Ministry of the Interior, as of August 10 in Italy, there were 95,184 immigrants benefiting from our government’s reception program. Also in this case, this is a much higher figure than in the same period last year, when the number of immigrants in Italy was 23.9% lower. Of the complex, 682 are in hot spots, mainly in Lampedusa, 63,570 in reception centers and 30,932 in Sai.

That has grown exponentially too Asylum applicationsBy 76.4% compared to last year. These numbers are influenced by applications from Ukrainian citizens and those from Afghan nationals, both of which are deserving of humanitarian protection. As of July 31, 2022, 149,321 temporary protection permits have been issued. The residence permits issued last year also increased 1,732,128 compared to 1,478,994: 459,632 for secondary work, 72351 for self-employment, 644.651 for family reunification, 555,494 for study permits.