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Ariana David “Between Biagio and Mirjana the Frost” / Patricia Grobili “She told me…”


This morning on “Morning Five” Ariana David Expressed concerns about the relationship between Mirjana Trevisan And the Biagio Danieli. The two met last night at a study big brother vip after Elimination of Mirjana. But in Ariana’s opinion, the two would have shown themselves cold in front of the cameras. After Federica Panicucci aired a clip of those moments, Arianna David wanted to speak: “If you notice that she was more affectionate with her ex-husband … in my opinion they were more beautiful together … on this occasion Biagio was embarrassed … there was a chill between them.” Ariana noticed more collusion between Mirjana Trevisan and her ex-husband I will pay The hint that the hug the showgirl would have given in the studio to Biagio Daniele was more like a friend than anything else: “When you love someone, they have a completely different hug…”. Then Patricia Grobelli stepped in and pointed out an important detail of Ariana David: “Ariana…if you noticed when he walked in, he said ‘I’ll have time to fall in love with you’…”.

Ariana David Then he took the floor again making a suggestion to Federica PanicucciPresented by Mattino Cinque: “Let’s invite them here so we can warmly talk about it all together…let’s start this challenge…”. In the studio too Maria Monet Doubts about this couple: “They didn’t move us… When I saw certain kisses I got excited… When I saw their kiss I didn’t get excited… I’m romantic… I didn’t get that love.” Maria seemed suspicious of their feelings but she was clearly not the only one.

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Patricia Grobili, quarreled with Biagio Danieli: “When did you come out …”

During the last episode of Mattino Cinque, a furious fight broke out between Patrizia Groppelli and Biagio D’Anelli. Patrizia Grobelli Accused Biagio Danieli He is not really interested in Miriana as he would like. This is how Patrizia wanted to unmask the columnist: “When I left GFVip you told me you weren’t interested in Miriana because she’s old.” Biagio Danieli at that point answered angrily: “I never said those words before. I didn’t say that Mirjana is old.” Biagio flatly denied it when Patrizia said it. Also participated in the discussion Ariana David Who revealed a background on Biagio D’Anelli. In fact, Biagio had called her before entering the house big brother vipFor information on Miriana Trevisan.

The version was later confirmed by Emanuela Tituquia Who received strange messages from Biagio. Tittocchia would have revealed to Mattino Cinque that the columnist would have sent him letters to ask him more about Mirjana Trevisan. Federica Panicucci seemed disturbed by what was announced in the studio but requested proof of what was announced. However, the evidence has not yet arrived, leading to the suspicion that commentators have told a version of the facts that cannot in fact be found.

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