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Argotec to Nova: “With ArgoMoon we will help validate NASA’s launcher operationally”

NASA mission called Artemis I which aims to return humanity to the moon. A launch that would see Italy as the ultimate champion. In this sense, Turin played a central role, with Argotec producing one of the 10 satellites (the only European one) that will go into lunar orbit. CEO of Argotec David Avene Explanation of the project to Agenzia Nova.

What is Argotec’s role in this mission?

We built one of ten small satellites. And ours is special, because thanks to two chambers it will be able to validate the operator itself operationally, especially in the second stage of the spacecraft.

What innovations has this mission brought compared to the past?

First of all, we will be able to turn on the satellite in a few minutes, unlike in the past, when it was necessary to wait days for this step. Moreover, thanks to the artificial intelligence systems loaded on board our satellites, we will be able to ensure independent image recognition.

What potential does Turin have in the aviation sector?

In Piedmont there are important companies compared to the global scenario. The competition is very high and we try to innovate as much as possible to stay on the right track.

Do you believe in the Piedmont region project in the “Space City”?

We are very pleased to hear the excitement about such initiatives. There is still a long way to go to achieve this goal. This project can help us overcome the bureaucracy that today is an obstacle to the development of new technologies.

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What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

We are in orbit on the Liciacube mission, whose goal is planetary defense. This is the space object that has reached the greatest distance from Earth at the Italian level. We are also proud to announce a world record: we are currently the only one in the world with two satellites operating in deep space. Finally, we started the call to set a hundred.

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