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April 25 Amid sun and thunderstorms, the next few hours will see 3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

Nubifragio in Milan, floods, hail in Novara: Uncertainty has intensified over the past few hours in the north, where thunderstorms are expected. Rainfall accumulates up to 30 mm with hail They affected parts of Piedmont, particularly Verbino-Guccio-Osola and Novares, and then spread to Lombardy, mainly to the provinces of Verres, Lecco, Como, Pavia, Milan and Bergamo, sometimes intensifying. Milan was hit by a storm, which caused several floods. Several interventions by the fire brigade. A car got stuck in a flooded sewer. Storm demonstrations also erupted in the Prussian region in the afternoon. Rainfall and precipitation affected the mid-eastern alpine and pre-alpine region, especially southern Tyrol.

First events in the Central Apennines. In the afternoon, instability gradually intensified in the central Apennines as rains spread across eastern Tuscany, Umbria and inland Lazio. However, these are usually weak and localized events, but will intensify moderately over the next few hours.

Roweski in the High Piedmont. The most intense events of the afternoon are recorded in the Upper Piedmont in the Verbano area. Rainfall accumulations in Val Sesia are already more than 20mm, accumulating in a few hours.

Some rain in the western Alps and high Tuscany. Some more events in Italy take place until morning and afternoon. At lunchtime there are some isolated showers between the Upper Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta in the Western Alps, as well as local showers between eastern Specino and Masses in the upper Tuscany. For the rest, the clouds between the Alps and the Apennines did not create events.

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Situation. There is a circulation of westerly currents in the Mediterranean and Italy, which maintains significant variation conditions in the alpine regions and in the Tyrrhenian region, even with small intensities at the beginning of the day. Weak events are already underway in the northern slopes of the Alps. Especially in Switzerland. Light rain then In Specino, Upper Tuscany and Lazio Pontino, In all cases even if it is a very weak event. The high pressure in the Mediterranean latitudes tends to extend northward through Italy, failing to control the remaining western wetlands managed by the low-pressure area that is constantly legislated in Central Europe. Here’s how the day goes in Italy:

Next hour weather. Widespread spelling errors in the north at the beginning of the day, with the exception of being thicker in the alpine areas, with some events scattered along the Swiss border, especially in the Ligurian Levant. On the day Some rainfall is expected in the alpine and front alpine areas, As well as on the central-northern Apennines, and inland on the Emilian Plain. In the evening, heavy rains intensified near the Alps, invading nearby lowlands., Especially in the Lombardy-Veneto section, with some thunderstorms. In the early Middle Ages, there were numerous bright letters in the Adriatic and small variations in the Tyrrhenian with rain in upper Tuscany. There will be a slight variation from the afternoon Some rain or local storms, especially in the inner Tuscan, March and Umbria sectors. Local evening occupation on beaches between low March and high Abruzzo. Veil climate mostly in the south, with the exception of a few variations in the Apennine regions. Temperatures rise in the central-north, with peaks in the south 25 C in Medrano, Cantonese and eastern Sicily. Weak or moderate winds between the southwest and southeast, reinforcements over the Ligurian Sea and the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For the forecast for the rest of the week Click here.

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Monday 25 April Weather
Monday 25 April Weather

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