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Applause - Libero Quotidiano

Applause – Libero Quotidiano

video Lily Gruber who laughs Mario Giordano. Consider rebroadcasting the movie Hawara Bourcelli Apparently a reference to the Fasina-Brunita affair. Web users ask “What do they call this on the left? The compliment is wrong?” In the video, Gruber is seen saying, “If you do a verse, you know who Mario Giordano is.” And far from tradition, mocking the voice of what she says is not her mate.

But that’s not all, because it is the Mediaset connector that pulls the medium again Caio Mussolini who commented: “What a laugh…I think. Mario Giordano would be glad not to be his teammate…”. Immediate response from the person concerned: “Dear Caillou, how can I be a Gruber colleague. I’m not going on vacation on the boat by De Benedetti…”.

Specifically regarding the De Benedetti case, Giordano already said: “I have a bad voice, I have a bodily defect, but the queen of political anger, attacks a person for his physical defects, but at what level did my dear Lily fall? ” And again: “If that is so, dear Lily, to be your colleague, you have to share In the meetings of the rich Del Bilderberg and showing up on yachts with De Benedetti Well, Lilli Gruber I’m proud that I won’t be your mate because I don’t go to Bildeberg not even on the yacht with De Bendetti. And that ugly voice that I use to scream and try to solve some of the problems of Italians.”

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