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Antonio Tajani / "Center-Right Like the Republican Party of America. In Berlusconi ..."

Antonio Tajani / “Center-Right Like the Republican Party of America. In Berlusconi …”

The future of the center? A Republican model modeled on the United States: so to Antonio Tazani La Verito’s microphones. Of the right hand Silvio Berlusconi Taken about the situation between the administration, the coalition and the government Milan tip: Oscar de Montigne? We talk about it, but it’s not like we have to compete against time. The priority is to win, to choose a person who will be appreciated by a large number of millionaires and to identify a ticket as it is in Rome.

Antonio Tajani Reiterated that Center-right He will play against all outgoing left-wing administrations and cities traditionally run by them, but he hopes the coalition will reach a better outcome. The front face of FI then returned to the debate Single party e Federation, Explains the perspective Berlusconi: The Center is an American-style Republican party that has accumulated full central ownership and is a successful force, but also a government force, bundled with the EPP. Berlusconi has had a strategic vision as a partner since 1994. It is good to have an open discussion.

Antonio Tazani between Center Ownership and Quirinal

Antonio Tajani Has called for a quality leap Center-right, An alliance must not only win, but also rule. Of course there was no shortage of dissatisfaction in the blue teams, the gentleman was reduced by them, and then he spoke Courage Italy: I have great respect for Br Brugnaro: he is an excellent mayor. But I do not think there is a great opportunity for parties born in Parliament. Move the palace too much? Constitution in hand, parties the connection between the people and the government. We don’t know where the people are … “. Moving to presidential elections, Antonio Tajani Reiterated it Berlusconi Although it is still too early to talk about candidates, there is evidence to do so. To DrakeInstead, it plays a key role in Europe: “I didn’t think about that job. I believe he has a strong personality, capable of influencing European choices from other choices.

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