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Antonino Spinalbese: "Charlie è un manipolatore"

Antonino Spinalbes: “Charlie Manipulative” – ​​Big Brother VIP

Antonino He wants to understand an idea Antonella On laziness, why does the swordsman come back to this topic so many times. VIP explains to his friend that a lazy person does not take a position and that not taking a position in life, but especially in this game, may be counterproductive.

The two analyze the different behaviors adopted by Antonella and Antonino. VIP indicates that he always wanted to be on the sidelines, to be alone, but this made everything worse. She asks her friend: “Who ended up fighting with the most people?” VIP reply: “Sloths. You!”

Between laughter and confession, Antonino comes back to talk about him Charliehow disappointed he was with the VIP’s behavior and how he no longer considered him a friend.

Antonella’s position is different, but she appreciates the frank character of the comedian: “He said I wouldn’t look Edward outside the house” He remembers the swordsman. Then he tells the VIP that Charlie has changed his mind.

Antonino is not very convinced of this real change and says: “Charlie manipulative”. In his opinion, the comedian plays his strategy well, but this tactic does not resemble his nature.

He continues to stick to his rhetoric, but Antonella’s attempts to get him to change his mind led the hairdresser to admit that he was joking about this statement, but he was still disappointed.

Perhaps the night, coexistence, hugs, or a fair time will bring peace between rivals.