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Antonella Fiordelisi lascia Edoardo Donnamaria: è la fine dei #Donnalisi?

Antonella Fiordelisi leaves Edoardo Donnamaria: is it the end of #Donnalisi? VIP Big Brother

for Antonella Fiordellisi And the Eduardo Donamaria Hours are not easy: more and more distant from each other, their relationship is in crisis more than ever.

After a day filled with tears and despair, Antonella, following the advice of Patrizia and Milena and tired of being sick, decides to take on Edoardo Donnamaria once and for all.

“I haven’t been feeling well all these days. I’ve seen situations I didn’t like and felt disrespected. I’d rather have everyone on their side. Make your own journey, you’re on your own” Antonella says in one breath, putting an end to her story with Eduardo. Unexpectedly, Edoardo’s response was cold and detached. “We totally agree, that’s all you had to tell me?” he says, as he is about to leave.

Antonella, offended and annoyed by Eduardo’s haste and indifference, pushes him away with contempt and runs into the bedroom where she resorts to sobbing under the covers.

If Antonella is unable to hold back her tears in the room because she is so disappointed by the VIP’s reaction, Eduardo turns to the patio and decides to get rid of his comrades.

After I witnessed what just happened, Patricia He berates the VIP for being too evasive during the confrontation with Antonella, while the challenger – in his defense – tries to justify his position by reporting the words spoken during the confrontation. Moreover, upset by the situation, Eduardo admits that he no longer wants to play with him, and that he is tired of the arguments raised by the former swordsman, and says that he does not want to end this relationship once and for all.

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Is it the end of #Donnalisi?