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Antonella Clerici Drama, mourning a few hours after the operation, the presenter’s pain


Antonella Clerici is going through a sensitive period: after the operation she underwent, another drama occurred.

It’s been a few days since the last episode of È Semper Mezzogiorno, which again this year saw thousands of viewers across Italy. As always, the presenter was perfect and knew how to win everyone’s hearts with her artistic vitality and charisma. These are all elements that worked To distinguish it from the beginning Who made her the person she is today. But once the TV season ended, there was no good news for her.

Mourning for Antonella Clerici (Photo: ANSA)

Initially, Clerici underwent surgery after a cyst was discovered after a routine gynecological examination. After news of this health problem… Now a new drama has arrived.

Mourning for Antonella Clerici: the sad announcement

The presenter’s summer season did not start well, as she underwent surgery almost immediately, forcing her to go into a recovery period. A few hours ago, Clerici also announced to the fans that she had to He goes through a tragic and sudden loss. In fact, the famous Rai had to say goodbye to her cousin Roberto Clerici, of whom she was very fond.

Mourning for Antonella Clerici (Photo: IG)

I can’t believe you’re no longer hereAfter publishing a picture of the deceased, she wrote:You will be missed by your beloved Lignano and Palio. We will miss your cheerful enthusiasm and desire to always do new things. Rest in peace Chico, your beloved cousin“His words are poignant, which have always left an imprint on everyone who has followed him I supported the lieutenant colonel.

Many comments have also appeared online highlighting the enormous discontent that fans feel towards the Rai presenter. Among the many, there was also no shortage of messages from other figures from the world of entertainment such as Elena, Sofia Ricci or Giusi Ferreri. Everyone actually Wrapped around the pain of Antonella Clerici, which is now going through a very sensitive moment. The loss of her dear cousin had actually left a void within her that could not be filled and an indelible memory of a man to whom she was deeply attached. Meanwhile, these sad words spread online and affected even those who had never met him.

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