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Anti-Govt – Thousands of fellow countrymen in the United States blocked by health regulations


U.S. isolation rules prevent many friars working abroad from returning to vacation. Story-condemnation of the young founders of Focolor Furlan in Las Vegas

She was 32-year-old Francesca Command, who was able to return home with her husband Alessandro de Artegna at the age of 5 and they live in Las Vegas. He won the green card, allowing permanent residence in the United States to come and go without any problems even during the Govt era, but this does not apply to most Italians living abroad with work visas.
An army, from doctor to student, from cook to entrepreneur, was blocked for a year and a half.

Difficulty – He explains– It did not come to Italy, there is the issue of returning to the United States, the US government says that no one who was in the Schengen area 14 days before the return can enter, the trick is to come to Italy and enjoy the relatives, then go to a state like Mexico where there is no such restriction and spend 14 days in Mexico, it is against the law Because it is dangerous“.

This is the position of surgeon Ilaria Rispoli, who writes to our editorial office condemning the injustice suffered by many of our comrades. Along with Francesca these two young women have set up the first Focolor Furlan in Las Vegas, along with 15 young men from the FVG of about 300 Italians living in the entertainment city.

We promote modern Italian culture – Francesca continues – Because the American has been a pizza and mandolin Italian of the 50s, and we are right to show him that Italy has moved on“.

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Francesca, the mother of a nearly two-year-old girl, followed the IT qualification in this adventure. He works from home. A PC would be enough for them, they could be anywhere, but they choose to live on the other side of the world.

When you think of America – To the end– Think about qualification, because if you are good, you can become one, you can improve your community level, make a lot of money, feel good, be happy “….


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