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Antarctica is melting very quickly: the alarm


to’Antarctica yes it is Solution also quicklyNew research from the British Antarctic Survey is raising alarm bells. Warm water seeping beneath the Antarctic ice sheet could trigger a melting process that previous models did not predict, with consequences for rising sea levels, according to what has been discovered.

Therefore, the expectations that were made are called into question. Global Warming Takes on greater risk, if possible. If so, coasts will be required to have greater resilience. But let’s see in detail what that means.

Have we reached the point of no return to Antarctica?

the Ice cap Antarctica is melting faster than expected and the ice is at historic lows. Scientists have actually identified a “new tipping point,” the threshold beyond which we will enter a phase of “out of control.”

As mentioned, what is worrying isIncreasingly warm water From oceans creeping below the “grounding line” – the distance between the ocean floor and the ice sheet above – and causing ice to melt to a point of no return.

The study revolves around aBiosphereWhere the ice on the ground separates and begins to float in the water. In this way it is destined to melt, causing sea levels to rise. It occurs around the coasts of Antarctica and Greenland.

“Ice sheets are very sensitive to melting in their grounding zones. We have found that the dissolution of the grounding zone exhibits behavior similar to a point of no return, where a Very small change At ambient temperature it can cause a A very large increase in solubility The researchers said the stabilization zone could lead to a very large change in the flow of ice above it.

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So many small changes will be produced that they will no longer be controllable and we will move towards a “process”. uncontrolled fusion“This is what the researchers explained. They added that “the current projections for Antarctica and Greenland are underestimated.”

Another study confirms that “Ice DoomsdayAntarctica is on the verge of collapse as warm water seeps in from the oceans. This is in addition to the ice sheet that is the size of Mexico but is shrinking dramatically.

What would happen if Antarctica melted?

that Climate change Whether it’s an urgent problem or not is nothing new, but if Antarctica is melting too quickly, there will be less time than expected. Failure to act could have catastrophic consequences for millions of people living near the coast.

Sponges, corals, and many other organisms have adapted to the cold environment Follower Weddell SeaIn Antarctica, where it has reached a remarkable level of biodiversity that deserves to be saved from extinction.

With the European project Weddell Sea Observatory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem ChangeThe Alfred Wegener Institute, with an international consortium that also includes the University of Padua, wants to monitor any changes in this ecosystem not found anywhere else on the planet over the next three years. It is no coincidence that it has been nominated by the European Union and other countries to become a marine protected area.


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