Monday, July 22, 2024

Another video game ready to ‘copy’ it


The Fortnite concept is still the winner. And that’s why another video game is ready to “copy” it.

A popular video game ready to “copy” Fortnite on a certain aspect (YouTube screenshot)

In the past few years, It is an electronic game The world of video games has literally been turned upside down. Battle Royale is undoubtedly the most popular genre, to the point that even a giant like Call of duty She had to update and change her style. What is the success of the title? Epic Games It is still very clear also for other reasons there is no doubt.

just think To high-profile partnerships, exclusive events and millionaire tournaments. In the meantime, competition does not exist, on the contrary. There has been talk in recent days of a possible novelty regarding GTA Online With the arrival of the sixth chapter of the saga, the map is constantly evolving. According to some rumors, there is another known title Ready to emulate Fortnite.

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Fortnite Incentivizes Fall Guys: An Important Change Is Possible

After a few months of success, fall guys Wants to take the next step and “copy” It is an electronic game In one aspect that makes Battle Royale at Epic Games so popular: I’m cross. According to some rumors that have surfaced on the Internet, it seems that in the future the formats born from the collaboration may also reach the Mediatonic video game. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Little Big Planet, Astro’s Playroom, Spelunky e Kena: Bridge of SpiritsHere are the potential brands that (for now) could hit Fall Guys.

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All this new content should arrive With the fifth season From the video game, which is also reminiscent of Fortnite. Mediatonic hasn’t officially announced itself yet about it, but now it’s news It appears to be official in practice.


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