Thursday, July 25, 2024

Another nightmare at the end of the month


We are kicking off a crucial week for many tax firms in conjunction with another track of liabilities due next Thursday, September 30th and error in this case is imminent. Moment analysis and suggestion.

We start with the termSend form 730, a term valid only for those who independently submit theirs on a pre-filled form tax declaration More than those who also perform the function of a CAF counter, usually held to earlier deadlines usually of 2/3 days, and therefore stricter, specifically to allow central CAF to perform last checks on attached documents, prior to the final submission of declarations to merevenue agency.

Tax returns for potential users of the so-called Fondo Perduto Perequativo are also set to expire, and are already subject to an extension regarding the initial deadline set for the first days of this month.

Here, too, rush to check the skew ratio and fill in modulo RS Born in ISA . model, which is usually left at last with regard to the computation of the taxes due, in the hope that we shall not forget to read and apply the provisions of the various interventions on the above-mentioned points which took place until late summer, “Luckily“To relieve some of the related obligations or cancel them completely.

A term that cannot objectively be deferred in view of the time required to verify the aggregate data obtained and to issue the necessary technical measures, in view of the will of the Government To disburse the contribution by the end of the year.

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Regarding non-strict tax obligations, which are usually delegated by interested parties to tax and labor advisors, here is the online application for partial exemption from Social Security contributions due for 2021 that expires on December 31 of this year. .

Remember this providence Relates to a variety of self-employed, in the broad sense of the term including merchants and the like, artisans, farmers and professionals enrolled in their compulsory contribution pension plans, using The requirement to lose at least 33% of business volume in 2020 compared to 2019On the other hand, it is not necessary for those who did the activity during the year 2020.

Here also the explanations of the past hour are not lacking such as INPS message 3217 Friday, September 24, which came less than a week after the deadline, and which relates specifically to subjects who started the activity in 2019, In this case the decision makes it easier to consider the monthly average and not the whole year turnover For the purpose of comparison with No. 2020.

Finally, we remind you of the deadline regarding the collection of roles, since in this case there may also be a need to support the client in assessing the status of his debts and checking whether the debt is capped or not. Unpaid installments as of September 30th.

In order to avoid the forfeiture of the current installment or the loss of the advantage arising from joining the Third cancel Or even worse Balance and extracts.

There are rumors about the possibility of reopening the deadlines for those who did not respect the premium awarded, as well as about the hypothesis fourth scraping.

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The above has been grafted into the normal current management mechanism which considers a whole series of normal study activities that should not be neglected or that cannot be postponed indefinitely.

Of course, we are still somehow paying for the after effects on the economy in the first year of the pandemic and the trend of infection seems to offer hope for the best.

This does not mean that the difficulties are still many and widely varied.

look at this Here is a suggestion:

I would like That heavy punishment for delays and omissions that are often formal rather than objective has been avoided in some way With a provision specifically dedicated to what happened during the emergency period that still exists today

Am I just asking the problem? I do not wish!


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