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At the Calista Sports Centre, friendly between Sampdoria and Dynamo Dresden: Summary, Result, Slow Motion and Live News

over there Sampdoria Take another low blow. After the goal finally conceded against Adana Demirspor, Stankovic’s Sampdoria could not keep the double advantage and is recovered by Dynamo Dresden. The match against the German third division team ends 2-2: the goals of Tremboli and Montefago are not enough for Sampdoria. Here are the results of the match!

Summary Sampdoria Dynamo Dresden 2-2

1, start of the first half – The friend begins!

2′ thrill Sampdoria – Will tries to charm from afar: Ravaglia is out of positions but he saves himself

3′ shot from Moro – Sampdoria responds immediately with a shot from the left wing: a corner kick deflection

4′ Ferrari head – In terms of Dorisic’s free-kick developments, Sampdoria’s centre-back stands taller than everyone else but does not frame the goal.

5′ Tremboli goal – Help from a left-footed run by Moro and the Sampdoria midfielder score the winner: Sampdoria take the lead!

11 Scheffler Tries – Dynamo Dresden striker takes advantage of an unjustified mistake against Villar and hits the Sampdoria goal: Ravaglia kicks the ball

15, Shuffler commits ravaglia – Another personal duel between the two: the Sampdoria goalkeeper was careful to deny the striker’s shot from close range.

20 chances for Sampdoria – Tremboli invents Drljaca who chews on the finale and causes Drljaca no problems

33 Djuric touches magic from an angle. The Serb is trying to surprise Dynamo Dresden right from the flag: the ball hits the post and goes into the bottom

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saying 45 The teams return to the changing rooms: Tremboli’s goal is momentarily decided after just five minutes of play

46 Start of the second half – Restart the match! Dynamo Dresden changed the entire squad, some changes also for Sampdoria: out of Moro, Malagreda, Yepes, Villar, Ferrari and Villa; Inside Leris, Colley, Murillo, Amione, Augello, Rincon, Vieira, and Gabbiadini

57 Please – The Gambian defender comes out of nowhere and denies Ohmichen the shot: the tackle that saves Rafalia from a complicated save is providence

saying 61 Djuricic out, Paoletti in

63 Substituted for Dynamo Dresden – Lehmann outside, Vlachodimos in

66 goals from Montefago – Leris takes advantage of a bad back pass from Meier, anticipates Heeger’s exit and allows the Sampdoria forward to score a brace: Sampdoria go 2-0 up!

69 Batista Meyer goal – Fantastic free kick for Dynamo Dresden: Ravaglia stays still and the ball slides into the top right corner

80 Ohmichen Goal – Sampdoria’s defense sleeps: Batista Maier clears the way for a team-mate who only has to back up the net: Dynamo Dresden’s unexpected goal

saying 90 Dynamo Dresden completes the comeback against Sampdoria: the match ends with a score of 2-2

Man of the match: Batista Mayer

Sampdoria Dynamo Dresden 2-2: result and schedule

Signs: 5, Trimboli, 66, Montevago, 69, Batista-Meier, 80, Oehmichen.

Sampdoria (3-5-2): Ravaglia. Berezinsky (46° for Reis), Ferrari (46° for Murillo), Villa (46° for Colli); Malagrida (46 Gabbiadini), Yepes (46′ Vieira), Villar (46 Amione), Trimboli (46 Rincon), Murru (46 Augello); Duricic (61° Paoletti), Montefago. Available: Tantallucci, Savio, Caputo. Coach: Stankovic.

Dynamo Dresden (4-3-3): Drljaca (46° Higer); Becker (46° Knping), Lewald (46° Meyer), Kammerknecht (46° Eilers), Arslan (46° Battista Meyer); Kulke (46′ Oehmichen), Will (46 Lehmann/63 Vlachodimos), Hauptmann (46 Shcherbavovski); Jogia (46° Akoto), Schaeffler (46° Borkowski), Ehrlich (46° Melichenko). Coach: Anfang.