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‘Another chapter in Russia’s disdain for clean sport’

Valeeva case, USA: “Another chapter in Russia’s contempt for clean sport”

Beijing Olympics – Photo Gio Auletta / Pentaphoto

The controversy over the case of Camila Valeeva has not subsided Beijing 2022 Olympics. “Athletes have the right to know that they are competing on an equal footing, unfortunately, today, this right is denied. this is It appears to be another chapter in Russia’s systemic and pervasive disdain for clean sport. We know that this issue is not yet closed and we call on everyone in the Olympic movement to continue fighting for clean sport on behalf of athletes around the world.So Sarah Hirschland, Director General of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of the Arab Republic of Egypt United States of America (Usopp), commented on the decision on Valieva in a note. In fact, the section on the Court of Arbitration for Sport at the Olympic Stadium did not return the temporary suspension of the 15-year-old Russian figure skater.

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Valeeva was found positive in a doping test on December 25, but the case only surfaced on February 8 at the Olympic Games, which had already begun. TAS did not enter into the merits of the positive doping case, but it motivated the decision in three points. First of all, he is a “protected person” under WADA being under 16 years old. Regarding the second point, for “Serious problems with notification of doping test results“And the third, for potential”irreparable damageIf he can’t compete in the individual competition at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

The situation that has arisen in connection with the doping issue of the Russian figure skating athlete is very unfortunate and sad for the athletes.. The Canadian Olympic Committee is fully committed to clean sport and firmly believes that there is no place for anyone involved in doping or other corrupt practices in the Olympic Movement. While we are confident that the TAS decision was the result of a fair trial, We are very disappointed with this resultSaid Tricia Smith, President of the Canadian Commission and Member of the International Olympic Committee.

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